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We are all about meeting all your cleaning needs. In order to accomplish this, we have an array of varied services to make us your one-stop laundry shop. Our services include dry cleaning, washing, upholstery care, pressing, collection and delivery.
Are you desirous of crisp pressed shirts for work every morning? Or have items that are complicated to iron? Leave the arduous task of pressing to us! Every item brought in for pressing is checked by our specialists to determine whether the item requires hot pressing or steam pressing. After each item is pressed, we manually inspect each item. Our turn-around time for pressing services is 3 working days.
Delivery / Collection
No time to drop off or pick up your laundry? Not a problem.
Make use of our laundry collection and delivery service. For orders exceeding Rs.500.00, our laundry collection and delivery service is free.
For orders less than Rs.500.00, a delivery fee of Rs.100 applies.
Dry Cleaning
By definition, dry cleaning is cleaning with the application of chemical solvents and in the absence of water. Before your clothes are dry cleaned, they are carefully inspected for stains. Stains, especially those on delicate fabrics, need to be carefully pre-treated before dry cleaning takes place. We apply different solvents to clean different garments and to treat strains. You can specify if you want your dry cleaned clothes folded or hung. Our turn-around time for dry cleaning services is 2 working days.
Upholstery (Curtains, Carpets)

Gone are the days of stuffing heavy curtains and carpets in your washing machine! You can also say goodbye to the backache caused by having to remove and then re-install the heavy carpet or curtains before and after the cleaning is done. When it comes to cleaning upholstery such as carpets, curtains and rugs, we will:

  • pick up and deliver your cleaned carpets, curtains and rugs to your home
  • take down your curtains and hang them back up after cleaningf
  • evaluate and send curtains for dry cleaning or a wet wash, depending on the material
  • evaluate and clean your carpets using either foam or
  • steam, depending on the material
return your items to you within a week, subject to weather conditions
Our Services
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