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Sravani Industrial security & services Employs over 600 trained security guards & is capable of dealing with all sixe contracts. Our current security contracts range from small organizations to Multi-national Firms in various industries. Every organization has its own issues in security to deal with, we at Sravanisecurity understand this & have tailor made solutions for all sizes of industries both public & private.
All Clients of Sravani security are allocated the services of an account manager. It is this person's task to see that the complete security needs of their individual client are met. These account managers treat the customer as one of their own. If a customer has a problem, be it with a lock, a guard or their security system, they know they can call their account manager & have their problem solved.
Our Customer Services
We provide the people, training, equipment & system to complement your environment. All our staff our trained & professionals in accordance with state legislative requirements.
The focus of sravani security is continuous service improvement. Ongoing training courses & personnel development ensures our security staff attain skills ranging from the basic duties to management of the most complex, multi service sites.
In order to ensure standard of service which is of the highest order, our Manager will be in constant touch with your organization to facilitate.
Early detection and elimination of problems
Continuous monitoring of the supervising staff.
Any changes, modifications as desired by the client can be planned and executed with mutual consultations.
In addition to above, night surprise checks will be carried out by our field staff regularly and frequently.
Government Statues
Sravani industrial security services&House keeping uses international standers to assess & deal with any risk management situations. This also plays a part in our guidelines as described in our procedures manuals. We are one of the few companies in this industry that guarantee payment of all statutory payment of our staff, this includes ESI, PF, Service Tax, Professional Tax, Gratuity, etc. We can also attach challans for all the statutory payments to the monthly bills before the customer pays the bills.
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